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BreathRx  Antibacterial Mouth Rinse


Wash away bad breath. BreathRx mouth rinse isn't your ordinary, everyday mouth wash. Its dual-action power attacks odor-causing bacteria at the source and neutralizes their awful foul-smelling odors. It's alcohol free, sugar free and contains ZYTEX®, our odor-neutralizing secret weapon in the fight against bad breath. So rinse away and feel confident that you have the freshest breath possible, for hours on end. 1 - (16oz bottle) Philips Sonicare Antibacterial Mouth Rinse


-Prevents plaque that leads to gingivitis

-Daily rinse with Zytex®, alcohol free

-Dentist dispensed fresh breath system

-Zytex® formula neutralizes bad breath and odor

-Fights tartar and gingivitis

Philips Sonicare Mouth Rinse

SKU: 881036411540