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  • Will I feel pain ?
    Our clients rarely feel any pain during our Teeth Whitening process. At most you may experience minor sensitivity during or after treatment. We also provide a re-mineralization to restore ph balance (reduce sensitivity) to your teeth after every visit at NO COST.
  • How long will this process take ?
    Our Teeth Whitening process takes a minimum of 30 to 1 hour max. This does not include pre-treament prep and post-treatment instructions. (about 15 min)
  • How long will my teeth stay white after treament ?
    This question all depends on your lifestyle and habits. Drinks and foods like soda, coffee, and tomato sauce etc, are often main contributers to teeth staining. We offer great advise on what you can do to subsitute some of these staining items. Most of our clients want a white smile all year long, so coming in on your personalized touch up session will keep your teeth ULTRA BRITE.
  • What if I have Crowns/Veneers ?
    Porcelain Crowns and Veneers do not whiten. But if you have darker stained natural teeth around them, we can match them to your crowns/veneers.
  • Do you recommend any at home products ?
    Yes, Since not everyone can visit us for whitening, we have a shop where you can get a variety of at-home whitening goods and have them delivered to your door.
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